About Us

Ok, we have to start somewhere and this is us. We're a trio of wankers, or cocks...and perhaps as a guest we'll sometimes have a white hen writing with us too. But, we're fed up with current society, where people don't even know how to hold a hammer...and we'll change it.

We’ll be ranting about all kinds of current events or trends, we’ll be ranting about how useless most of you are. We’ll probably be quite insulting and use bad language in the process, so if you don’t like it, please, sod right off!

But we won’t be negative all the time, this website will be dedicated to show you some of the skills we’ve never had a chance to be taught properly, so we had to have a few hard lessons. Now these might hurt, but it’s a process you have to go through. Like hitting your finger with a hammer or touching a very hot oven, even if your parents told you not to.

Some of our skills are self-taught, some have been taught at school or from a parent, we’ll show you the best we can do. We’ll also show you the worst we can do.

In the process we’ll swear, rant and insult everyone, we’re not discriminating here, we hate everyone the same as anyone else.

What’s all going to be here?

Well as I said before, there’s three of us and the group is rather diverse. I’m Vojtech and I’m really incompetent at any work that’s done by hand, I love technology, currently I’m in the process of converting my house to a Google Home automated smarthome. I tried my hand at machine learning, I know a bit of Photoshop. For some time I was a professional photographer. I used to sell cars and then I managed a dealership. I build a kennel for my dog (while being completely incompetent at handy work) and I also can connect an electric outlet if need be. So you can expect to see all kinds of weird articles with my name stuck on them… so that’s it

Alright Tones here. After nursing my hangover all day, I finally managed to get my lazy ass off the couch and write down something about myself. I have to say it’s not easy for me to write about myself, but maybe it gets better over time. Same as Vojtech, I have a true passion for all kinds of technology and gadgets. I’m also a bit more competent when it comes to any work done by hand. As someone who has only just graduated from school i might not have much to give, but i’ll try my best. At the least i’ll add some snarky comments if Vojy here manages to somehow screw something up.

And this is a placeholder for our last wanker to write something about himself.

Just a quick thing at the very last point… we’re all proud members of Noobs’R’us platoon in Battlefield 4