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We inform you that in this site, we use cookies. Cookies are small, electronic data files which are sent by the website to your browser and are stored in your system’s hard drive, and are used to determine your preferences when connecting to the services of our websites, as well as tracking determined behaviors or activities carried out by yourself inside our websites.

In some sections of our website, we require the client to have the cookies enabled given that some of the featured require them to work, but under no circumstances collect personal information (identification, contact, work related, or in any other way).

The information obtained shall not be communicated to third parties, with the exception of cases where possible fraudulent activities are being investigated.

If the user wants to disable the cookies, he/she must do it directly from the web browser.

Wankers’ statement

Now, we wouldn’t really bother you with cookie bullshit, since you’re not an idiot and you know the internet works, it’s just that the bunch of idiots at EU and god knows where else think, that we have to inform you about this and explain like the text above, why it’s used and whatever… yea, now you read it… your mind’s at peace now I guess…huh?